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Women's Health Specialist

Marina Village Medicine

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Women have unique medical needs, and staying on top of women’s health is crucial to prevent or catch disease symptoms before serious issues arise. Jagmohan Khaira, MD and his expert team at Marina Village Medicine in Alameda, California, specialize in women’s health. They offer wellness checkups, chronic disease management, and Pap tests to screen for cervical cancer in a warm, welcoming environment. If you live in Alameda, Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley, San Leandro, Castro Valley, or Hayward, schedule an appointment by phone or online today.

Women's Health Q & A

What is women’s health?

Women’s health involves monitoring, screening for, preventing, or treating health conditions specific to women, such as:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Menopause
  • Gynecological conditions of female organs
  • Cervical, ovarian, and breast cancers
  • Low bone density
  • Heart disease
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Osteoarthritis

Women are more likely to die of a heart attack than men – and have higher rates of anxiety, depression, urinary tract infections, and osteoarthritis. Effects from sexually transmitted infections may be more serious in women vs men, too.

Why are women’s health exams important?

Scheduling women’s health exams every year (or more often if your doctor recommends it) helps detect disease symptoms early before serious complications arise. For example:

  • Treating high blood pressure and high cholesterol can prevent heart disease
  • Blood sugar screening detects prediabetes, a reversible health condition when caught early enough
  • Cervical cancer is highly treatable when caught in its early stage, but can be deadly otherwise
  • Detecting and treating sexually transmitted infections can prevent complications like cancer and infertility
  • Breast cancer screenings save lives
  • Bone density screenings help prevent or treat osteoporosis
  • Early pregnancy detection helps ensure you get proper prenatal care

Your Marina Village Medicine doctor lets you know which women’s health screenings apply to you, and how often you need them.

What should I expect during my appointment?

When you arrive for a women’s health checkup at Marina Village Medicine, your provider:

  • Checks your weight, height, and blood pressure
  • Goes over your medical history
  • May order lab or imaging tests to screen for specific health conditions
  • Completes a physical exam, including a pelvic exam to check your reproductive organs
  • Might perform a Pap smear to screen for cervical cancer
  • Offers vaccinations, such as the flu or human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines

If you have gynecological or other women’s health condition, your physician goes over your treatment options and supports you every step of the way. Early detection and treatment is the key to living a long, healthy and fulfilling life.

Call Marina Village Medicine to schedule a women’s health exam by phone or use the online booking tool today.