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Our Weight Loss Program



Our program consists of four phases, including:


Assessment phase

You’ll begin your weight loss journey by meeting with a board-certified physician and nutrition counselor. The medical team assesses your weight and medical history and completes a physical exam – including blood pressure, EKG, and body composition analyses.

Your physician lets you know if your medications contribute to being overweight, makes suggestions for alternate prescriptions if necessary, and goes over your weight loss goals.

Weight reduction phase

During the weight reduction phase, your provider gives you a custom weight loss plan based on your lifestyle, body composition, medical history, and weight loss goals. The plan might include:

  • Appetite control medications if necessary
  • Intermittent fasting strategies
  • Meal replacements
  • Nutritional supplements and/or nutraceuticals
  • Complimentary vitamin B12 injections

The weight reduction phase may last three months or longer, depending on the amount of weight you’d like to lose. You’ll meet with the Marina Village Medicine weight loss team weekly for weight checks and counseling sessions.

Transitional phase

When you reach your goal weight, you’ll move to the transitional phase and maintain your target weight by eating right, working out regularly, and maintaining other healthy habits. You’ll receive a long-term, customized weight management plan and meet with the weight loss team every other week for weight checks and nutritional counseling.

Maintenance phase

The final portion of your weight loss program - the maintenance phase - happens after the transitional phase. A weight loss counselor makes adjustments to your lifestyle plan if necessary, so you can maintain a healthy body weight for life. You’ll meet with medical team members monthly during this phase to keep you accountable and ensure you stay on track with the program.

Don’t let past diet failures prevent you from achieving your goal weight. Call Marina Village Medicine for a weight loss consultation or use the online scheduler today.


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